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    News & Updates

    This Too Shall Pass

    This Too Shall Pass

    If you’ve read some of my posts on Instagram, you know that years of over dieting and over training led me to a body that simply stopped responding. For a woman whose career is in the fitness industry, it was really hard. I think any woman feels hard on herself for gaining 5 lbs; but 25lbs in a few months without a reason was really hard on me. I would pray and ask why the weight wouldn’t go- because I got very discouraged.

    One day in the shower, God told me “You can help people more once you’ve personally experienced something, and you can also have more compassion for someone going through the same things.” This led me to share everything I’ve gone through: Very honestly. You would be surprised just how many women share their stories and are going through the exact same things. I can stand there and tell them the same thing God told me….This too Shall Pass.

    If you’ve gone through something where your body stops responding to diet or training, here's my advice:

    1. Give it time.

    The only way to really reset your body is through it realizing it's not going to be under fed or over trained. The body is smart. If you repeatedly over diet, it thinks it's in starvation mode and will shut off to preserve itself. Keep being consistent with clean, healthy food, a good amount of calories and not too much cardio.

    2.) Get your hormones tested.

    Just make sure everything is going correctly on that end. This really helps if you’ve never had blood work for hormones tested before.

    3.) Pray.

    We all go through things to make us stronger. We grow in storms, and we have an opportunity to get ourselves off our own minds and not pray selfish prayers. It's easy to get into a trap of self pity, and keeping self on our minds - because heck, we are the ones in fact going through it, right?

    On purpose, start praying for everyone else you can think of. And you never know, your story and experience could be what's needed for someone else that will experience the same thing in the future. You never know that what you're going through now….could be just the thing that helps someone else.

    Stay encouraged friends.

    Think Before You Type

    Think Before You Type

    I think I've reached my max limit on people's negativity.

    It seems like lately people can't post a video or picture without someone taking the time to comment something negative. 

    It's not just negativity, it's actual bullying. Grown men and women actually name calling. 

    I always try to see the positive in people and in life, but it seems that the amount of negativity and hate hasn't just gotten worse- it's gotten rapidly worse. The world should be more good (and you should actually have to seek out the negative), where nowadays it seems like you have to look to find the positive. What has amazed me lately is someone name calling, then you click on their profile, and they have a profile pic of them with their young child. What kind of example is that to children (who deal with bullying the most)? How would they like it if their child was called the same names? 

    I mean, making fun of what people wear, and how they wear it, their bodies, faces or whatever... I always pray "Forgive them Lord they know not what they do" just like Jesus did. I can't even begin to fathom having that much hate in you; that you take the time to (not only) type up the cruelty- but then hit send. I mean, really? Recently, Texas was hit with 3 tornadoes. 5 people died and 45 people were severely injured. Think about that. 5 people woke up that day and died. Their family is forever affected. That's real tragedy. Some people are over there with nothing better to do than to spew garbage; about maybe something as insignificant as they don't like a person's hair. Did you ever think that maybe that person doesn't have the money to get their hair done? Be grateful you do. Maybe that store clerk is miserable because they just found out their spouse left them. Maybe that person gained weight because they received bad news and ate out of depression...

    Thats why being judgmental is so just ... wrong. You never know what that person has been through (or is going through). Thank God you're not. Count your blessings: You have eyes to see your phone, hands so that you can type those negative messages. Sorry. This may sound like a rant, but to be honest this isn't about me. I thank God that I really don't get a lot of crap at all, but just seeing what some people put in other's posts triggered this. 

    Anyway, I'm just encouraging everyone to take some time and give friendly reminders to be nice. Be kind. Be a blessing. Pray for others. I use my twitter for those short thoughts and reminders - maybe it's something we can do together. I'm still gonna choose to stay positive and pray for those negative people. To be honest, they might have no one else praying for them. Or maybe the world has to get that bad because Jesus is coming back soon. Either way, just spread the freakin love. Period. 

    Heart Intentions

    Heart Intentions

    What's in your heart?

    God is a God of hearts and He knows where your heart lies. I see some people who do a good deed only to talk about it. I actually saw someone video themselves giving a homeless person money. Some people commented “Wow your'e awesome!” My thought was simply: "Why was that necessary to share with the world?" If you're doing something to look better or get praise, then you just got your reward from man. Do you want God's reward or man's? When you decide to do something for someone, is it to get something in return? Is it to look better in someones else's eyes? I always check my intentions behind my actions. Do what's right when NO ONE is looking.

    The only ONE who matters, always is.

    Healthy Balance

    Healthy Balance

    Today HEALTH & FITNESS is up...

    It's called health and fitness for a reason. You can't leave out the health part. 

    A lot of things in fitness are the opposite of health: Like starving yourself, losing a period, becoming a recluse because you don't go out with friends or enjoy activities. How is that healthy? 


      I say this a lot so I'll say it again. The world wants you in extremes. On the opposite of eating healthy and training, they want you soooo easy on yourself and so 'YOLO' (if people even still use that... but you know what I mean when I say that), that there's zero accountability, and you should eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want and do whatever you want. How is that balance either? I'll tell you this:

    While it's 100% important to have self love (I preach it) you can't take that to the extreme and have no self discipline.

    Eating garbage and being inactive is sooooo bad for you. Type 2 diabetes is preventable with diet and exercise and affects nearly 25 million Americans. So these people being cheered on to do whatever they want are very misinformed. It's not about a number on a scale or a shape. That's where the self love comes in.     


     Who cares what shape you are as long as you're taking care of yourself. Train for your body, heart and lungs. Train for your bones, your energy levels, your blood levels. Eat healthy nutrient dense foods. You'll look better and feel better - and that's the bonus. The goal isn't a six pack or stick thin body (well, for some... it is not me). The goal should be: "how do I take care of the body that God gave me to do this earth in?" 

    Health and fitness... I am passionate - absolutely passionate - about living it and preaching it. 

    Excellent Love

    Excellent Love

    Loving yourself is not an excuse to sit around, be lazy and eat donuts.

    We are created for excellence- created to work hard. We’ve been given a spirit of self control, and discipline should be exercised in every area of our lives. If we all just did what we wanted, we all may be eating only cheeseburgers and doing nothing but watch tv. And you KNOW I love me some cheeseburgers and love me some TV, but all things in moderation to be our best selves. 

    Again... balance.

    So I will say this: We've all been given one life on earth. We all have the same 24 hours. I'm encouraging you to make the most of it.

    Knock on doors. Follow your dreams. Pursue your passion.

    Stay in balance with everything.
    This is a daily decision (as it should be). The Bible says “Give us this day our daily bread” for a reason. We have grace for the day. THIS day. Don't worry about tomorrow - but work your hardest for tomorrow.
    So love yourself in a balanced way. Do things you love. Have fun and enjoy life! BUT- don't let a spirit of complacency set in because the world has you coddling yourself.
    Set goals, shake off self pity and get to work. Do it all while giving God the reigns.
    Hope this helps. I love you.