3 Tips To Get Glute Gains

I’ve been training for about 20 years now, and through the years I definitely learned A LOT. When I first started training, I was just obsessed with getting as much knowledge as possible. I remember going through personal training courses, not to train anyone necessarily, but to have knowledge for myself.
I think the more info you can have the better, so google things, do your homework, learn from others and stay constantly learning.
Knowledge is power and I love learning. That being said, here are my top 3 tips…of about a thousand.
1.) Variety
Variety is key and that applies to your exercises, angles, reps, rep speed, weight, rest periods, etc. I like a high volume style of training for my glutes and I always keep a journal of what I do and did each workout. That way, I’m doing a different workout each time. Because the body is so smart and adapts so well, it's imperative that you switch things up. While I built my base with heavy weights, I've had to keep switching up my training to keep things new not on physically but mentally as well. So, make a plan that has heavy days, lighter days, plyo days, and a combination of all. That’s why the more you know, the more you’ll have in your training arsenal to pull from to keep seeing progress.
2.) Pump
I talk a lot about pumps, I’m such a dude sometimes when it comes to training. Pumps are important because the more blood flow you can have in the working muscle, the better pump and the better chance for growth. I’m totally ‘that girl’ that gets excited when I have a good pump in my butt, and upset if I don’t. I use band work, plyo work, and lighter reps or body weight only exercises during my heavier lifts to get this to happen. Which leads me to my third tip…
3.) Rest and Food
Food is a big factor in pumps, at least for me. When I go lower on my carbs I totally notice a difference. If I eat more food and more carbs for about four days in a row, it's like I’m a different person. I talk a lot on instagram about “Abs or A$$”, it's like the endless cycle of one day I’m trying to do a booty bulk and the next days I’m trying to get my abs to show more, so I add in cardio. Either way, a diet of good and quality calories, is an important part of reaching your goals. Food is the fuel behind your training, and as my husband always says, “gotta feed the machine”.
Rest is also critical. Even though I have a tank at Bootyqueen Apparel that says “ I Only Train Glutes on Days Ending in Y”, I DO NOT train my glutes every day. I was always asked that and that would be my response which I thought was funny but if your training the way you should be… two days is great, a third on some weeks if you want to experiment, but two should be good