5 Ways to Stay on Track

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Life can get hectic after a long day in the office, picking the kids up from school, or grocery shopping and the endless traffic that we all endure throughout the week. It takes a toll on our mind and spirit. We all start to let our fitness routine slip here and there. 

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But remember, we need to remain focused on our health and remind ourselves that this isn’t just for our physical appearance - but for our emotional and mental health too.

Here are my five favorite tips on how to stay on track of your fitness plan:


Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals!

Take baby steps. Wanting to accomplish too many goals at once leads to a fallout in your fitness plan. Start by making small modifications in your everyday life. Order water instead of soda at a restaurant. Wake up early in the morning and go for a walk around your neighborhood. Remember this is a lifestyle for your mind, body and spirit. 

Calendars keep the chaos away

After you make some minor changes in your lifestyle, a calendar will keep you on track to a better, healthier life. You will be able to plan your meals for the week and your workouts for the day!

Workout partner for an extra push

Grab a friend who shares your fitness lifestyle, then you won’t feel like working out is such a chore. A workout partner will keep things light and fun while holding you accountable! And who doesn’t like a little girl talk?!


Choose healthy lifestyle over temporary looks

We all want to look good in a bikini or in that new dress. But don’t choose fitness and health for a one day look. Choose it because you love your body and everything it does for you. Don’t exercise or diet as punishment, workout because your strong and eat for nourishment!


Positive mind = positive life

The most important rule is to keep an optimistic mind and spirit! Walk into the gym with positivity. Remind yourself that this is a lifestyle, not a chore. Keep track of your progress so you can see how great you’re doing along the way! Speak positive words and confessions daily out loud over yourself, and also be self aware of what you’re thinking, and make sure to have positive inner self talk as well. And finally, don’t compare yourself or your fitness journey/lifestyle to anyone else. It’s yours, it’s personal and, you were made unique and beautiful on purpose. Think it, say it, and live it!