At-Home Full Body Workout for Women On-the-Go

Whether you don’t have time to get to the gym or you are just starting your fitness journey, you can get a great workout in from the comfort of your home!

At home workouts are perfect for those super busy days. You will feel comfortable in your own home, control the intensity of your workouts and you’re able to stick to your routine, So there’s no excuse now!

Here are some body weight exercises that I do at home: 

1. 20 Jumping Jacks 

Jumping jacks are a great way to start your warm up and get your blood pumping! Trust me, you’ll get your heart rate up with these.

2. 20 Body Weight Squats 

BootyQueen Apparel | Body Squats is a quick and effective home workout.

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You can still work your booty from home! Jump squats target your glutes, quads and hamstrings.You will feel the burn and break a sweat while working several large muscle groups! Use our BootyQueen Bands and hold a weight for some extra resistance!

3. 20 Glute Bridges

BootyQueen Apparel | Glute Bridges are an effective workout move for toning your glutes.

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Bridges are a great way to isolate your glutes! You can either do these with your back flat on the floor or elevated, see what feels best for you! And if you want to push yourself a little more, hold a weight on your hips for extra resistance. A bag of rice or books will work if you don’t have weights at home!

4. 20 Push Ups

A lot of women avoid chest workouts, but I can assure you they are a great addition to your routine! Your chest muscles are still a muscle group and need to be used in order to have a balanced, healthy body. Push ups are a great way to work your chest muscles, arms and triceps. They are great for your core, arms and posture! If push ups are a struggle, then ease into them by using a bench or a chair or start with your knees down. 

5. 30 Second Planks

BootyQueen Apparel | Planks are your ab's best friends. Try this move for 30 seconds to tone your core in your next at-home workout.

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Planks are great for your core! Having a strong core is essential for lifting and running. It’s also important for your lower back strength and posture! If you can hold it more than 30 seconds then get it, girl!  

Try this circuit 3-5 times depending on how you feel! 

Screenshot the full workout so you always have it handy!


You’ll get your whole body working and a good sweat in from home! Don’t let a busy work schedule keep you from taking care of yourself!