Torch Calories with HIIT

HIIT Benefits & Workout Plan

Burn calories in 30 minutes!

Okay ladies, are you ready to burn some calories and get that heart rate up?!


HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises are so great to incorporate into your routine if you want to get your heart beating, burn calories and just knock out a quick workout but still feel the burn!


I incorporate these workouts at least once a week. They’re great for your cardiovascular health, endurance and stamina. They’re quick and you don’t need any equipment! 


HIIT workouts are shorter workouts where you go all in for quick bursts of intense exercises. You’ll keep your heart rate up and burn more calories in a short period of time. This is a great option when you have a busy schedule too!


Intensity is key, a typical session can last from 15 to 30 minutes. You have to put in hard-work during these circuits to get the best results! They’re not called “high-intensity” for nothing!

Here is one of my favorite circuits to do:


Mountain Climbers 20x

These will target your core while getting your heart rate up!


Squat Jumps 20x

And of course, I recommend doing these with your BootyQueen bands for extra resistance and burn!


High Knees 20x (each leg)

Get those knees pumping! Make sure to bring your knees high, this is not a jog. Your breath should be heavy at this point!


Up-Down Planks (20x)

These will hit your upper body and core. Start in a plank position, then lower one elbow to the ground, then the other, then go back to starting position. Keep your core tight the whole time. You’ll feel these tomorrow!


Burpees (20x)

Probably our most dreaded exercise, like, EVER! But they really do torch those calories. So jump high, reaching for the sky, then jump down and drop to a push-up.


All 5 of these is one circuit, repeat full circuit 3-5 times. 

Remember, HIIT workouts are short so keep your intensity high for 20 minutes and you’ll feel so accomplished...and sweaty!