Hotel Workouts for Travel Queens

Hotel workouts for fitness on-the-go

Traveling can bring out the excuses. “ I forgot my sneakers.” “There’s not enough equipment at the gym.” “I don’t have enough time to get a good workout in.”


But don’t let that keep you from your routine! 


Fitness while traveling isn’t always easy but doable. I always make it a priority to workout while I travel! Not only does it keep you on track but getting a workout in will give you more energy to enjoy your vacation!


When I travel, I always take my Heavy Duty Ankle Cuffs! They’re so versatile and can be used with any cable machine which most hotel gyms have.

Here are 4 of my favorite workouts:

Cable Kickbacks

Kickbacks are a great way to grow your booty. Keep your back flat and push through your heels. Make your glutes do all the work by squeezing, instead of just kicking your leg back. Increase the amount of weight as you adjust to it! 

A lot of women do cable kickbacks as a finisher move and with light weight. I've trained for over 20 years now, and the cable kickback has been a staple on my booty days. And while I vary the weight, reps and tempo of which I perform the exercise, doing the cable kickback with a heavier weight and as a heavy glute isolation exercise is my go-to preference for glute growth. 

Hence, why I made our ankle cuffs like I handle heavier lifts. These are built to last, and the set of 2 not only allows you to train both legs with little to no rest, but, you won't have to hope your gym has one or worse yet, use the gross "who knows whats on it" cuff thats there. Definitely a travel staple,everyday gym staple, and...they're pink! Adorbs.

Hotel Workouts for on-the-go girls! | Cable Kickbacks


Hotel Workouts for on-the-go girls! | Cable Kickbacks 2

Side Lunges

Side lunges will hit your glutes, but also give your quads a good burn. Keep your core tight to stay balanced, lunge to the side and push back up through your heel. You’ll definitely feel these tomorrow!

Hotel Workouts for On-the-Go Girls | Side Lunges


Hotel Workouts for On-the-Go Girls | Side Lunge 2


Standing Hip Abduction

You’ve probably done hip abductors on a machine, but here is a standing variation. These are great for you glute and hip strength, especially if you sit the majority of the day.

Hotel Workout for On-the-Go Girls | Standing Hip Abduction

Hotel Workouts for On-the-Go Girls | Standing Hip Abduction 2


Cable Jump Squats with Weight

These may look easy, but they are such a challenge because you’re battling stabilization and demanding more core muscles to work! They will definitely grow and tone your booty and, get your heart rate up, giving you an awesome calorie burn too!

Remember, you choose how committed you are to your goals! It’s all about mindset. If you start your vacation thinking you’ll gain “vacation” weight, then you will. If you walk into the gym thinking what you won’t get a good workout in, then you won’t.

My biggest tip is to jump up out of bed in the morning and be excited to workout! Don’t even give yourself the chance to talk yourself out of it. Grab your gear and head straight to the gym.

Keep a strong, positive mindset. Motivate and empower yourself and choose to accomplish your fitness goals, even on vacation. It is all about mindset and your desire to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Hotel Workout for On-the-Go Girls | Cable Jump Squats with Weight

Hotel Workout for On-the-Go Girls | Cable Jump Squats with Weight


And remember, like I always say, when you make fitness a lifestyle and not a fad, working out will just be a part of you whether your home or away. And bonus, training on your vacay can help work off that breakfast mimosa! Balance.