More on Macros

A lot of people ask me .. 'What are your macros?', to which I respond .. 'I don't count my macros'. Not knocking anyone who does, but for me personally I just don't. I've been training for 20 years and really training (with body part splits, consistency etc.) for about 14 years now and I've just learned what to eat for me. And remember, it's about what works for you, so you find that out by trying things out. Higher carb, lower carb, carb cycle, no dairy, etc. there's just so much. So my advice is to just do what works for you. That being said, my basic mottos are


1.) Eat to be healthy, not skinny.


2.) Train to be strong, not to be a certain size.


I just choose healthy foods, things that are nutrient dense and watch my sugar. That works for me. I made a decision that counting and tracking and all that other stuff, again, to me, was another form of mental bondage that I WOULD NOT live in the rest of my life. The weight came off, the training became fun again and now I'm enjoying true balance. I eat for performance, and when I need to get leaner, I just add in cardio. And cardio is great for heart, lungs, etc. so once you stop looking at it as a weight loss only tool, you may even enjoy it too... if you don't already.


Anyway, it starts with self love. Accepting who you are because God made you to be YOU and not someone else, and then making that person the best YOU, you can be.


Don't worry about a number on a scale or a number on a clothing piece, but make health and fitness just a part of who you are because heck, it's freakin' good for you. That's no excuse to slack, you gotta bust your butt, set goals and go for them. But of course, encouraging yourself along the way, NOT beating yourself up.


Love y'all. Happy Day.