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    News & Updates — nutrition

    Diet Philosophy

    Diet Philosophy

    Today I thought I’d share my “diet philosophy” with you.

       People ask me all the time what my diet consists of, or what meal plan I use when
    I’m training (or when I’m not). Today I thought I’d share my “diet philosophy” with you.
    My basic diet philosophy is this:

    • Eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible (basically eat what God put on the earth). Your diet should consist of foods with as few ingredients in them as possible. Ideally, you eat foods that have one-word ingredients (such as chicken, eggs, spinach, almonds etc.).
    • When you go grocery shopping, shop the perimeter of the grocery store (where the produce and meat are). Stay out of the isles because that’s usually where the processed foods are kept.
    • I eat a very high protein diet, and I’m more of a protein /fat girl as opposed to a protein/carb girl. My diet is mainly protein (such as chicken, lean turkey, lean whitefish, salmon, protein powders, egg whites and whole omega eggs). I’ve recently cut out red meat - I personally like the way I feel better.
    • I eat a ton of vegetables. I try to have vegetables at every meal as well as a large salad each day. I also eat a lot of healthy fats.

    Some examples of healthy fats include:
    • avocado
    • almonds
    • coconut oil
    • macadamia nut oil
    • almond oil
    • olive oil
    • seeds (chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)
    • all natural nut butters


       When I do have carb meals they’re based around my workouts (and are slow
    carbs such as oatmeal and sprouted grain products). I also adjust my food
    and carb intake depending on my training and energy output that day. Heavier
    training on a leg day means more carbs 
    and more food, whereas a travel day or
    rest day will be less carbs and 
    less food.
    This keeps me from counting calories. My
    main key is to really avoid sugar, and keeping blood sugar from spiking because insulin
    spikes can lead to weight gain. Every body is different. This is what works for me. I try
    to really just eat nutrient dense foods. I focus on eating the best, healthiest foods for
    me, not foods that are going to make me lose weight or be skinny. Health is always my
    goal and always what I am passionate knowing/sharing more about.

    Peanut BUTT-er & Chocolate Protein Shake

    Peanut BUTT-er & Chocolate Protein Shake

    Today I wanted to share one of my go-to sweet tooth satisfiers. I hope you love it as much as I do!


    Peanut BUTT-er & Chocolate Protein Shake

    10 oz unsweetened cashew milk

    1- 2 scoops Chocolate Peanut Butter Isoflex Protein by Allmax Nutrition

    1TB Natural almond butter

    1TB unsweetened raw cocoa powder

    Stevia to taste


    Blend and enjoy!