Transform Your Booty with Resistance Bands

Bands for the Booty Queens

Booty Queen Band Workouts

Adding resistance bands is an alternative to adding weight! They help you isolate your glutes AND you can take bands with you anywhere!

Our BootyQueen Bands were created after years of training...And breaking a few bands.  I felt like since the weight you lift increases the longer you train, so should the level of resistance that your bands provide. I know not every band is the same and I wanted to create a band for every queen trying to build her booty.

I created three different strength level bands that include resistance for every level:

But trust me, just because our pink is our beginner level, there’s nothing beginner about it. Our lightest strength pink band, is equal to the average bands hardest. 

  • Beginner (Pink)
  • Intermediate (Purple)
  • Advanced (Black)

Trust me you will get a great booty pump when you add this to your lower body days!

Variation in your glute workouts is key. Adding Bootyqueen bands to your glute exercises will create resistance to tone and tighten your booty, give you a great pump, and help you activate your glutes and get them firing!



After training for many years of training I’ve learned that it’s not all about how much you’re lifting, it’s about HOW you’re lifting. Keeping your muscles activated and under tension will help you build those muscles. Adding the heavy bands from our BootyQueen Band Set keeps your muscles under tension to get a bigger pump! And girl, you will feel these in your glutes!


After you finish your squat set, go right into kickbacks! Keep your back straight and push through your heel. To feel your glute tighten, at the top of this motion, give it a 2 second squeeze at the top. You can even add some pulses to the top of this motion for an extra burn! Keep tension the whole time by not allowing your foot to touch at the bottom in between reps. Go right back into your kickback, and the higher you kick, the more you stretch the band and the more resistance you create. Try experimenting with above the knee band placement and above the ankle for a different feel.

Queen Status Bonus Tip: for a super booty burn, try using 2 bands at once. One above your ankles and one above your knees.


Glute Bridge

Have your feet about shoulder width apart and push through your heels, using your muscles to keep your knees out. Don’t let them come in and maintain your form. Each movement is controlled with a squeeze at the top while focusing on the glutes and not hyperextending your lower back. If you do these on a bench, add some weight on a barbell to really push yourself! Having these in your routine will definitely transform your booty!

This may sound and look kind of funny, but they will definitely help define your glutes! This exercise focuses on your gluteus medius, the outside edge of your glutes as well as your inner thighs. The resistance bands will continue to engage your muscles. I love to use the pink band here. 



As you add more variety to your glute building workouts you can switch through the BootyQueen Bands for more resistance and tension to form that Bootyqueen booty! 


I recommend having one or two glute focused days in your weekly routine! If you add band resistance, free or machine weights and stay consistent–then you will definitely transform your booty!