Which one are you? Yogi, Lifter or Home-Body?

We all have different fitness goals and lifestyles. You could be into yoga, lifting in the gym, or working out from home. Maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle doesn’t have to be all or nothing. What is your preferred way to stay fit?


Are you a yogi? Finding peace and balance while building your core strength.


Are you a lifter? Getting in the gym, lifting and pushing weights gives you a high. 


Or are you a home-body? Busy lifestyle? Or you just want to get your workout in on your time in the comfort of your home.

All three activities appeal to different people - or you may be into all three! We support every way of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. There’s so many benefits to each one!


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The Yogi

Yoga may seem like it’s for relaxing, breathing or even slow movements. But trust me, you can also get a killer workout doing yoga. It’s great for your core strength and flexibility. Yoga has become a regular in my workout routine every week! 

My favorite Asanas are: 

1.Backbends to release tension  (the first time I did one I cried) 

2. Headstands to recenter 

3.Plank pose for core work.

Give it a try! It might be difficult at first, but it’s so worth it!

My newfound passion for yoga is why we designed our Align Right Yoga Mat! It’s for every level of yogi. It has lines for hand and foot placement, it’s durable, and it comes with a carrying case for you take it anywhere!


The Lifter

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The adrenaline, strength and total girl power fuels you. You can get strong while building feminine curves. Obviously lifting in the gym has been a huge part of my life, and it always will be! I’ve trained for health and competition. Having a strong healthy body is priceless!

Our Heavy Duty Ankle Cuff is something I use on every leg day now! 

I always use it for: 

  • Bent over cable kickbacks
  • Lateral cable lunges

You can add to any workout to build your booty, trust me, you’ll feel the burn!


Sometimes I just can’t fit a gym session into my day. But I still want to get in a good workout, so–I use my BootyQueen Bands.

This is how I use them:

  • Fire hydrants using the pink band 
  • Hip thrust using the purple band 
  • Goblet squats using the Mac daddy black band. 

They are the strongest bands on the market and we have 3 different resistance levels. The best part about these is that you can get a full lower body workout in from home with these!  

If you have a busy schedule, a sleeping baby, or you just don’t want to leave the house today–you can still get your heart rate up and build muscle! 

Whether you are a Yogi, Lifter or Home Work-Outer, working out is essential for a healthy lifestyle and we have the gear to push your limits! I’d love to know which style of training you love!