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    Push Yourself.

    Push Yourself.


    Some days you have to push yourself a little extra. Struggle a little more.

    But during the struggle comes GROWTH


    So, set your mind. Keep it set. Don't let fear hold you back. Fear comes. Face it. Do it afraid. That's how you conquer it. Wake up everyday with a grateful heart, and go to bed every night expecting to wake up to a breakthrough, a miracle, an opened door and grace.

    Live a life of expectancy.



    Remove negativity from your life. Be kind. Encourage others. Sow seeds of gratitude & reap a harvest of joy.

    What He Has

    What He Has

    Are you happy?

    If not, a lot of times, unhappiness is due to selfishness. To be honest, we live in a selfish world.
    I think one of the devil's biggest lies is keeping us in denial; trying to have us think that if we admit our flaws, we're a bad person. So we keep them buried inside.

    It should be the opposite.

    When making gold , they have to heat it up so that all of the impurities rise to the top - then wiped away and lifted out. That's what God does (and wants to do) with us. We go through situations or circumstances (a lot that don't seem fair) so that we can see how we react. We see what's truly inside of us and what surfaces once we get "heated up." We then have a choice: Are we going to admit that feeling is in us to get rid of it? OR are we going to feel ashamed to feel that way, and bury the feeling back down?

    If you go through something and jealousy, pride, anger etc. comes out of you, I encourage you to be honest with yourself. (Come on, God knows your heart and what's inside of you anyway).

    Admit it: "I feel like this, I don't want to, so get it out of me Lord." 

    Then, we can truly grow and change. I heard another thing recently that helped me. 

    Do you have a list of things you think you NEED to make you happy?

    For example...

    "I'll be happy when I'm rich."

    "I'll be happy once I have that new job."

    "I'll be happy once I lose weight or gain weight."  

    Do you think "I'll be happy when I stop complaining."

    Don't be so hard on yourself.

    God made you and loves you perfectly through every imperfection.

    Just give yourself to Him and He'll change you.
    Stop praying for what YOU think you NEED, and start asking God for HIS WILL in your life.

    When you're holding onto something, your hand is closed; not open to receive what God has for you. Trust me... what He has for you is way better than something you could ever ask for.

    I hope to motivate physically, I pray to motivate spiritually. Happy day friends. #bygracethroughfaith 🙏🏼❤️

    BootyQueen paints the ALLMAX Booth Black and Red

    BootyQueen paints the ALLMAX Booth Black and Red

    Day 1 of the Arnold Sport Festival 2016 down! BootyQueen Apparel teams up with ALLMAX to outfit the Team ALLMAX girls with their very own custom ALLMAX edition pants. The BootyQueen Collection of these pants will be available on the site the first week of March. Make sure you come by Booth #1501 and meet "The Kuc's" and pick up your BootyQueen apparel.