Heavy Duty Ankle Cuff (Set of 2)

$19.99 $29.99

Take your training up a notch with our bootyqueen heavy duty ankle cuff set of 2!
Since here at bootyqueen we're all about the booty, we not only design beautiful apparel to accentuate your booty, but we create accessories that help build your booty and, are built to last. 

Just like our super strong bootyqueen bands and super thick yoga mats, these ankle cuffs are made after personally experiencing what works in the gym. 
And what works, is extra thick padding for protection, super strong velcro, and durability to work as hard as you do.
Making these ankle cuffs come as a pair completes this gym bag essential, and the D-hook we put on has been in-house tested to make sure you can get the heavier lifts in that you want.

Now, you no longer have to wonder where that ankle cuff in the gym went, or, where has it been, with your own set of 2 super strong cuffs. And...They're pink!
Try them not only for cable kickbacks, cable lateral lunges, cable hamstring curls and other lower body exercises, but, use them for double cable biceps curls, cable tricep press downs, cable flies and so much more.

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