Booty Queen Apparel is a high quality fitness apparel line that fuses comfort, fit, and fashion and focuses on... the "BOOTY."

As a Bootyologist with over 16 years of training experience, specializing in Glute training, Amanda wanted a one stop shop for all things booty. A place where you can go to not only learn HOW to train your glutes,  but also a place where you can go to get fabulous fitness apparel with designs that flatter and accentuate a womans curves as well as show them off. Our signature high waist style helps to create a sleek silhouette, reduce muffin top as well as pass the 'squat test'. The bold, vibrant colors are perfect for photo shoots and of course...selfies ;) Passionate about helping and educating women, Amanda also has her blog here on the website, so its also a place where you can come to get some wisdom, encouragement, and empowerment, or...just a great new recipe. Amanda has taken her expertise and put it into a brand that helps, motivates and inspires women along with a line that works in and out of the gym. 

Our brand marries strength with glamour, catering to the woman that loves building her booty, and loves looking great while doing it. We at bootyqueen apparel believe that every woman is a queen, and its all about the booty. We are a husband and wife owned and operated company with a grass roots background based in Dallas, Texas. From our home to yours, packed with love, and done start to finish with gratitude. We truly appreciate your business and your support. 



Amanda Kuclo

About Amanda Kuclo Latona

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Meet Amanda Latona  (@amandalatona ). 

Amanda is known for her amazing glutes and has been named the “Booty Queen” of the fitness industry. Amanda is an accomplished Professional Fitness competitor, TV host, Fitness Cover Model, Personal Trainer, Recording-Artist, and creator of Bootyqueen Apparel. 

Over the last 11 years Amanda has established herself as a leader in the industry with over 26 1st place finishes in fitness and bikini competitions around the World. She officially earned her IFBB Pro card in 2009 after winning every competition that she entered that year. Since that time she has continued to dominate as a 10-time IFBB Pro Bikini Champion and over a 15-time International fitness cover model featured on the covers of Muscle and Fitness Hers, FLEX, and Oxygen magazine worldwide. She is a Team ALLMAX sponsored athlete, and A peoples Champion. 

Amanda is passionate about helping women. She believes that you go through things for 2 have compassion for what others are going through and to help them more after personally experiencing it, and with 16 years of experience, she has gone through all aspects of fitness. She now takes her knowledge and experience to help and educate women. Amanda preaches the importance of self love, becoming fearless and the benefits of weight training as she believes health encompasses mental, spiritual as well as physical. She coached over 5,000 women from the ages of 18-68 through a transformation challenge and fuses a love of the stage with her expert knowledge and training secrets to entertain and motivate people around the world to achieve their personal fitness goals. 

Steve Kuclo

Ifbb Pro Bodybuilder | Allmax Athlete | Weider athlete | Icon Meals Athlete


@stevekuclo on Instagram

Steve Kuclo, one of the top IFBB Professional Bodybuilders, has been an athlete his entire life, excelling in several sports, including baseball, hockey and football. As a young athlete, Steve’s prowess led him to both national and international recognition in hockey, including being placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Steve was only 18 years young When he first hit the competition stage, and came away with 1st place in the Teen division and 3rd in the Men’s Open class. From that point on, Steve was hooked. He would go on to win the Teen Nationals Heavyweight division two years in a row.

In 2011, Steve earned his Pro bodybuilding status at the USA’s in Las Vegas, NV. Not only did he win his division, but he outshined them all by taking home the top honor of the Overall Mens Bodybuilding Champion. This made Steve, the one to watch.

Steve's First win as a Pro Bodybuilder was in front of his hometown crowd of Dallas, at the 2013 Dallas Europa earning him an Olympia qualification. In 2014, Steve's career made a huge jump in the world of Bodybuilding when won the Title of the Brazil Arnold Champion and placed top 10 in World at the Mr. Olympia.

In 2015 was his best year with his marriage to IFBB Bikini Pro Amanda Latona and becoming a husband. Steve also signed with Allmax Nutrition and Weider, becoming an Athlete for these prestigious companies. Steve Kuclo is an Ifbb Pro Bodybuilder, an Allmax Athlete, a Weider athlete, an Icon Meals Athlete, and a business owner. Together with his wife Amanda they own, BootyQueen Apparel and promote the Kuclo Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness show. Steve inspires throughout the world pursuing his passion of bodybuilding and has served for over 9 years as a Dallas firefighter/paramedic. Steve is a loving husband, world class athlete and a true hero.