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    Get rewarded by joining the BootyQueen Rewards Program! Earn points for completing the actions below. Click on the "NEW BQ Rewards Program" at the bottom-right of the screen to get started!

    By Joining

    Earn 200pts

    Get points just for signing up! Awarded to customers who signup after your points program is launched

    By Following

    Earn 250pts

    You can earn points by simply following us on social media. Like us on facebook, twitter and instagram and earn 250 pts for each outlet.

    By Referring

    Earn 500 Pts • 10% Coupon To Referred Customers

    Spread the word about BootyQueen with your friends and you both get rewarded.

    By Purchasing

    Earn 100pts

    Get points with every order! Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on BootyQueen Apparel products.

    By Birthday

    Earn 500 Pts

    Our birthday gift to you! Let us know your birthday when signing up and we will gift you 500 point on that day.


    1. To receive a discount code: we award you $5 off for every 500pts you collect. We have coupons in $5, $10, and $25. A free shipping coupon is activated at 750pts.

    2. To receive a gift card: you will receive a gift card with $1 for every 100pts you have acquired on your account. 1% of total dollars spent.

    - - -

    Reward Points are awarded to registered accounts only, but don’t worry, we give you points just for signing up. These points are redeemed for coupon codes that are applied to your order at checkout.
    These coupons are valid for one purchase.

    When you share your referral code with a friend they will be asked to register for the program. Once they register they will get a 10% discount they can use to purchase. As soon as they make a purchase you will be awarded your referral points.

    Already have an account with us? Awesome, then you have already been enrolled in the program and are automatically earning points now.